Calling All Fashionistas and Philanthropists this is an event that you should be at!! “United Colors of Fashion” Gala ( @mrmikesmilez @ucofinc) 

United Color of Fashion (UCOF), a New York City based Fashion Philanthropic organization, welcomes fashion industry professionals and philanthropists to partake in their Gala benefit on October 17, 2012 at 6:30 p.m. at the Museum of the City of New York. This event is as an encore ovation presented post New York City’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.
United Colors of Fashion has selected Nigel Barker, world renowned fashion photographer and former judge of America’s Next Top Model and Philip Bloch, widely considered to be Hollywood’s premier fashion stylist, as Honorary Chairs. Dionne Warwick, international musical legend and Grammy award winner has been selected as honorary co-chair of the event. These three honorees have been philanthropically inclined and reputable for their diplomatic relationships. 
UCOF harnesses the creativity and giftedness of New York’s aspiring artists to help them become successful professionals in the Fashion and Arts industry. With funds generated from this artistic collaboration, UCOF partners with South African aid organizations to provide relief to children with HIV/AIDS, sickle cell anemia and paralysis, who are unable to obtain proper care through normal channels. 
United Colors of Fashion intricately has selected seven international fashion icons to showcase their Spring 2013 collections. Presenting will be Anya Ayoung-Chee, Project Runway season nine winner, Style Butler (Denmark), Amparo Chorda (Spain), Carla Silva (Angola), Naked Ape (South Africa), Soucha Fashion House (Egypt) and David Tlale, whom was the first designer from South Africa to present on schedule at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week this season.

How to be a BAD friend…bad meaning GOOD! 

Hair Dying Tips for Curlies by @missandrealewis featuring @salon718 and a cameo from @melaniefiona <3 

The heart of Curls Gone Wild 

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One of the Reasons I’m a WILD girl 

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Fully Indulge - By @NnennaBenz

With all of life at your fingertips, are you scared to form a fist and fight for your dreams?

Living your dream means completely indulging yourself in your craft in order to know and develop yourself  within that craft.

CREATE your own happiness! If you cannot completely indulge yourself in your craft than find time I dedicated to yourself for the time of that craft. Leave time to create your happiness in your life. It will be much easier to work at what you love everyday than hate to wake up.

Enjoy the little things. All of the rejection that comes on the path to success will all be funny once you have accomplished what your goals are.

Be your best self at all times. Even when situations around you seem to be caving in, know that it is all building you up as an individual in order to make you a better you!

Today is the day that you will indulge in life. It’s your time, wake up and live!

You Never Travel Alone - Desensitize Yourself By @ReidBtnTheLines

Ok so you take the train, then catch the bus, and walk down two blocks to get home. Your bobbing

to “Mercy”….HARD, and your answering your friend back VIA text with a rate you give this boy she

met from his face book pics. Pit stop to the corner stop you buy some gum and drop the dollar on the

counter and dash. Finally approaching your house you turn down your tunes to dig out your keys and

peep the boy in the other yard starring at you, but who has time to care?

Let’s rewind a bit.

Packed New York City trains, compare to standing in a sauna with sweating strangers, make the ride

almost unbearable. 5 stops turn to 3 stops, turn to 2, and then get off at one. Doors open and close,

people come and go, seats get freed while others manage to squeeze in. But have you ever looked

around? Did you ever realize that everyone in the train is an actual person? They have actual lives,

feelings, and destinations. Real stories with real problems, stresses and fears. That’s a lot going on in

one car.

Those beggars that come on the train have real lives that they must sell to you and somehow open up a

soft spot you didn’t realize you had for them. Then suddenly your pockets feel fat and you would mind

to spare the change. The performers a.k.a undiscovered geniuses’ see the poles as props and the floor

as a center stage, they want to share their show with you. We can’t never forget tourist…. Lol oh my, the

tourist. They probably are the most grateful on this journey than all of us. Travelling by the boat loads,

they look at us all draped in black and gray as exotic creatures from the land of NEW YORK. It’s funny if

you think about it because we are all so trapped in our own zone we just look at everything around us

just as that, things. People are suppose to be in the train, we all want to believe every beggar recites the

same lines, tourist are placed here to get on our nerves, and these performers are just doing some gig to

get by….. It’s called egocentric. According to Siri means:

A self-centered person with little regards for others.

In this sense it’s not a positive thing but it’s the most truthful thing I could say about me as a New

Yorker. I desire nothing more than to drown out all other life around me. Strictly concerned about my

playlist and the messages I receive from my friends, I can escape the world which we all live in….And this

is just the train I’m talking about ( I do it other ways as well).

Next time you take the train try leaving your phone in the bag, turn off your music and look around.

Look around at everything… I’m sorry, everyone, it just happens we are all here at the same time.

Thinking it’s supposed to be this way, making up the setting of the train station, its desensitizing

yourself. We all live in the world together and I think once we understand that basic concept well have

a little bit more compassion for the people we meet, pass by, sit next to and live around.

I tried this and me and that boy next door ended up dating

P.S that’s a lie….but wouldn’t that have made a cute ending.

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Keep The Faith By @ReidBtnTheLines

You don’t hear about the days Obama first realized he wanted to become President. We didn’t read

about when Gabby fell off the balance beam or idolize Martin Luther King for the times he felt like giving

up. We as people don’t value the struggle; we strictly look at the achievements for what it is and that

only. At this point and time in my life I’m facing that “grey” area of planning and navigating my life path

to one day reach that point of success, but until then I feel like I’m incomplete.

My friend once told me as humans and the life we are all given there always is a point of struggle, a

point of high and a point of low. At the time where you may be living the low or facing the struggle you

may not feel it, but it’s just as necessary and should be just as glorified as the high. Pain and suffering

are all the pieces built to make a stronger being. If everything was always handed we would never

realize the value and time and pain of hard work to achieve success.

A recent college graduate, I at first believed life should be handed to me, in my head I worked for it.

Maybe about two months after graduation I took that ceremony and just saw it simply as a day of

motivation. My diploma was simply just another cheerleader I had to tell me “Jackie, reach for the

stars… you deserve it!” However, does it grant me any power of veto out this fight? Not at all. I respect

the fight for achievement and I respect the people who don’t even have little reminders along the way

even more.

For all those in the race, which everyone should be in, I commend you. And as for you, commend your

struggle, commend your low and when you achieve you highest points in life, wipe you tears of joy, you

deserve it.

Truth!! :) #08/15 #leos 

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"Clean Slate" By @NnennaBenz

Sometimes I eat pepperoni when I know I am not suppose to. I’ve hurt people’s feelings because my feelings were hurt.  I have lied to get more time for a paper in school. I am not perfect, but I’m working on it.

Forgiveness is a purifying part of life that lifts burdens from your soul knowing you don’t need to avoid looking in the culprit’s direction so that you don’t get angry. But what if the culprit is you, yourself?  Sometimes it can be harder forgiving yourself than it is forgiving others.  

Every time you regret something, it means you have not forgiven yourself.  If you are holding things against yourself, it can make it very difficult to move and learn from the mistake you have made and continue living your life.  Don’t let the past affect your present.  It’s already done, LET IT GO.  One way I have learned to get over a situation I have dealt with that was really a burden on me was to write everything on a piece of paper and burn it.  Along with the paper I let the regret burn away into the flames.  
Life is a beautiful disaster. It is extremely easy to focus on the bad rather than the good.  So why not challenge yourself on a daily basis to forgive everything that is getting in the way of your happinesss? Let it go by any means necessary.  If you need to cry, then cry.  If you need to escape for one day, do it…you owe it to yourself to be happy.