Snapbacks Are Back!! 2 Colors! Get em’ fast! 

For those of you that missed the first sale, a new order of TGAW snapbacks is coming very soon :) 

@sorockworthy Rocking the #takeemtothejungle snapback :) POW POW!! 

What is Good Hat Hair?

Here is my fav hat-hairstyle. If you know of any good ones or can link me to another vid that shows one, that would be much appreciated!

So excited to announce the TGAW snapback is finally for sale!!  FREE world wide shipping!!!! #takeemtothejungle 

Those Girls Are Wild x snapbacks coming soon :). We just finished the design #excitement. We will be releasing the hats in Dec/ Jan so you can’t see the design until then. HINT our tag at the end of our videos is the theme

@ShannonTBoodram @MissAndreaLewis hard at work on Set #tgawtvshow #snapbacklovas 

A Poll for the Ladies

Hey wild girls, would you buy a TGAW snapback hat??

a) Yes, if I liked the design because I LOVE hats

b) No

Please go here to answer! OR here we needs to know babies please and thanks