The End of TGAW - Join us in our new chapter

Wild Girls Forever! Words can’t describe how we love each and every one of you for your continuous love and support of TGAW and our individual careers. We’ve grown, we’ve learned and we’re never gonna stop! TGAW was just the beginning please continue to follow us on our journeys 

Love you always and forever!

New Teaser - Actress: “the graduate” Role: Jessica, homewrecker Show: The Game…. 1 Day Left to Contribute to “Black Actress”

All 4 teasers are up at thanks to my 4 friends @atwcurls @msslade @mayasworld @sugasha for being apart of my scripted foolishness! 37 hours left! Lets get to 20k!

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New Teaser - Actress: “the chameleon” Role: Jessica, homewrecker Show: The Game…. 2 Days Left!!! Donate!!!!

Things people say/do/suggest when you’re doing an indie gogo…What would you do to get the money?

The momentum has been great, the support has been incredible! Let’s keep going and keep donating! ♥

Check out our latest interview with the beautiful and driven Aeshia DeVore Branch, CEO and Founder of @@teendiaries she gives us a few tips on how she balances her life between being a mother, wife and career woman. #wildgirl 

Quick recap and interview from “Reserved” from the TGAW “Salon Talk” Event 


Happy Birthday to @jabari I’m so proud of everything you’re doing and I can only imagine all of the amazing places your life and career are going to go and i’m so happy to be apart of it. I love you sooooo much :) have an amazing birthday! Xoxo

A dress and a snapback #menahcare #nahbaddame #mobbing Hat available at

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Too much fun with my girls last night @sugasha @aroundthewaycurls @mayasworld @xsurprisepartyx #mobbing #prettyladies #allshadesoftheblackgirlrainbow

Do you see this intensity? This passion? Hurt and Anguish on our faces? Thats how we feel about re-enacting our top 5 favorite duets! New video up at ( @shannontboodram  @missandrealewis )

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New TGAW Video Top 5 Duet Songs performed by Shandrea Lewdram 

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Ok last one lol lesson of my day, be one with your mind body and spirit and “be your own truth” love :)